Frequently Asked Questions - Parents

1) Username & Password does not work.

a) Your email address is being recognised. You have already created an account with us so you need to log into our website with your email address and personal password then click in the box which states ‘add another proof card/pre-registration’ and add the username & password (this will be on your proof card or supplied by your school).

b) Please check the letters of the codes - Upper case I (for India) can be mistaken for lower case l (for lima). 0 (zero) can be mistaken for Upper Case O (for Oscar).

2) Can’t see any photographs when inserting Pre-Registration Code (from the white ticket).

The card you have received is a pre-registration card - you will not see any photographs until you receive a 2nd e-mail from us advising you that they are available to view and order.

3) Why can I only see old photographs on my account.

You need to add the current username & password from the proof card or the code the school have given you in the field which states ‘add another proof card/pre-registration’ and this will load the current image.

4) Logging in as a returning customer and being advised this is incorrect.

Please check email address and personal password carefully to make sure all is correct. If still showing as incorrect please click on ‘forgotten password’ and a new one will be sent. Once you have gained access to your account we would advise you to go into your profiles and change this back to something more memorable.

5) Cannot get delivery to school free of charge.

This could be that the school are not accepting deliveries to the school or the ‘order by date’ on your proof card has expired and you will have to pay a nominal postage to your home address.

6) Cannot get delivery or payment options to come up.

This usually means that you have not added the items ordered to your basket. Please make sure once you have selected the preferred item, scroll to the next screen and enter the amount you wish to order and click on the field ‘add to basket’. This will then load the delivery and payment options.

7) My children are at two different schools and cannot get free delivery to school.

The free delivery to school option is not available when two different schools are selected. You have to place the orders separately to take advantage of the free delivery to school or place the order as one and pay for delivery to your home address.

8) Why is delivery taking so long.

Normal delivery is between 5-7 days but during our busy period delivery can take up to 28 days. If you have opted for free delivery to school then your order will not be processed until after the ‘order by date’ on your proof card. Once this has expired all orders will be collected and collated and one bulk delivery will then be returned to the school.

9) How do I edit my details.

Go into ‘my profile’ and edit accordingly. If you wish to change your email address or phone number please contact our office.

10) Why am I being charged postage.

The school are not accepting delivery of orders to the school or the ‘order by date’ has expired and a nominal postal charge will apply.